Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!  Within this regularly updated feature of my website, I will provide visitors with practice news and specials, as well as information regarding the most recent technological advances and new treatments in plastic surgery.   I believe that patient education and open communication with your doctor are the keys to achieving healthy, aesthetically-pleasing […]

Facelift FAQs

Our faces do a lot of social work for us: they tell our friends and family if we’re upset, they help us make new friends with a smile , and they help us brave the elements by being the one part of our bodies that stay exposed and gathering information for us. That being said, […]

Eyelid Surgery Toronto ON

Eyelid Surgery FAQs

We love people and appreciate the differences each of us bring to the table. We truly believe here’s a beauty in everyone, and maintaining your unique look is a great way to have a happy, successful life. That being said, we all find little things about our appearance that we would like to tweak and […]

Breast Reduction Toronto ON

Would I Benefit from Breast Reduction Surgery?

Too often, society zeros in on breasts as the ultimate feminine feature when there are many other features that all combine to create feminine beauty. Women might focus on breasts when they feel they don’t quite measure up, but it’s easy to forget that some women carry that physical burden with them every day. Did […]

Liposuction Toronto ON

Liposuction Recovery: When Can I Go To The Gym Again?

That’s a great question. Did you know that Liposuction (also shortened to Lipo) is not a procedure that is designed for weight loss candidates? People commonly confuse Liposuction for a weight loss solution, but the best candidates for this procedure are those who have stubborn pockets of fat that stick around no matter what, even […]

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