What Is Done During Inverted Nipple Surgery?

Smiling woman in bra posing over gray background Inverted nipple surgery is a surgical procedure that involves removing the excess tissue from the nipple to make it more prominent. This type of surgery is often used to correct inverted nipples, which are caused by mammary hypoplasia or other underlying conditions. At the practice of Dr. Dimitrios Motakis of Toronto, ON, women can speak to a professional about having their inverted nipples addressed with a simple plastic surgery procedure. Continue reading to learn more!

What Occurs During Inverted Nipple Surgery?

Inverted nipple surgery is a procedure that involves removing the excess tissue from the nipple in order to make it protrude more prominently. This procedure is typically used to correct inverted nipples, which are caused by an underlying condition called mammary hypoplasia. Surgery for this condition can also involve repositioning the nipple to ensure that it remains erect and prominent even when not stimulated during breastfeeding or sexual activities.

What Strategies Are Employed To Revert Nipples to an Outward Position?

There are several different types of surgery that may be used to treat inverted nipples. One option is a simple mastopexy, or breast lift, which is commonly performed on women with small or drooping breasts who have inverted nipples as well as other aesthetic concerns about their breasts. Another option is a surgical release of the ducts surrounding the nipple, which allows the tissue to expand and push outward. In some cases, surgeons may also recommend surgical removal of excess skin from the breast to create a more prominent appearance.

Why Might an Individual Consider Treatment for Inverted Nipples?

While inverted nipples are not necessarily dangerous or cause for concern, many women seek treatment for this condition due to aesthetic concerns or sexual issues that can arise when they are involved in certain activities. Treatment options such as inverted nipple surgery can address this issue by giving women greater control over the appearance of their breasts and allowing them to feel more confident about their bodies.

What Is the Recovery Process After This Surgery?

Most women do not require any recovery time after undergoing this procedure and can return home on the same day as their surgery. However, follow your surgeon’s recommendations for recovery and follow-up care in order to ensure a smooth, successful outcome.

Request a Consultation Appointment To Learn More About Inverted Nipple Surgery

If you are considering inverted nipple surgery, it is essential that you speak with your surgeon about the procedure in greater detail. They can discuss your treatment options and help you determine whether or not this procedure is right for you based on your specific goals and medical history. With the correct information and guidance, you can make an informed decision about which treatment option is best suited to meet your needs. Call 416-925-5775 to request an appointment with Dr. Dimitrios Motakis of Toronto, ON, today!


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