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Body procedures available with Dr. Dimitrios Motakis

With the help of a skilled professional, many men and women will be able to achieve a more sculpted and contoured body. Plastic surgery continues to be one way for […]

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What is the purpose of ear pinning?

Both children and adults may experience excess protrusion of the eyes from the side of the head. This protrusion can make the ears extremely noticeable—almost to the point of embarrassment […]

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How Sculptra works in reducing volume loss

The natural process of aging can bring about a wide range of undesirable changes. This includes volume loss and skin laxity in the face, which in turn contributes to the […]

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Turn back time with hyaluronic acid fillers

Fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the skin are the first telltale signs of aging for many men and women. The face begins to change due to the natural process […]

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Why women consider the breast lift procedure

Dr. Dimitrios Motakis and his team in Toronto, ON work routinely to provide both men and women cosmetic plastic surgery solutions for the face and body. One commonly requested procedure […]

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Body contouring options after significant weight loss

Losing an extensive amount of weight and getting your body to a healthy place is a great start towards a healthier lifestyle. However, significant weight loss may also come with […]

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Using Botox injections to delay the need for plastic surgery

While plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts are a great way to address wrinkles and folds on the face, they are not always the best option for everyone. Patients in […]

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HA fillers to reduce the signs of aging

Dr. Dimitrios Motakis of Toronto, ON understands that when patients start worrying about the signs of aging on the face, they wrongly believe that the only way to combat it […]

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The benefits of fat grafting

While diet and exercise can help reduce excess fat on the body, there are times where it can remain as a stubborn reminder of one’s past appearance. Fortunately, there are […]

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What you need to know about ear pinning

Men and women who have protruding ears that rest further away from the scalp than normal may find that they spend their lives trying to hide their ears. Other times, […]

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