How To Make PRP Treatment Even More Effective

prp The time when you had to resign yourself to hair loss is long gone. With incredible advancements in medicine and technology, you can grab both life by the horns and your hair by the fistful, without being afraid of how much you’ll pull out. One of these revolutionary ways of treating hair loss is PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. Though PRP treatments have shown a wonderful efficacy in either slowing down hair loss or even restoring hair growth and hair strength, there are steps you can take to ensure the results are great and to keep you out of a hairy situation. If you’re wondering about how you could increase the already effective results of PRP treatments then keep on reading!

Increase Iron And Vitamin B In Your Diet To Increase Efficacy of PRP Treatments 

Increasing blood flow, especially to the scalp, has been shown to aid in staving off hair loss and, potentially, improving hair growth. This coupled with PRP treatments can be an incredibly effective method of hair restoration. Iron and vitamin B, specifically vitamin B12, affect your blood supply and oxygenation of your blood. Iron and B12 can be obtained through a variety of dietary intakes from meat, such as poultry, to leafy greens and dairy products. If you’re wondering how else to increase iron and vitamin B12 intake consider consulting with your doctor.


Exercise has been proven to increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system which has a compounding effect that aids the rest of the body including the immune system. Doing intense exercise that helps the heart, can help increase the number of red blood cells and therefore the platelet-rich plasma you have.

Avoid Smoking 

As smoking inhibits your body’s ability to repair itself and PRP treatments are founded on the principle of the body healing itself, smoking and PRP are at odds with one another. Though smoking may not completely block any positive results from PRP, smoking may impact how effective your results can be.

Have More Questions About PRP? 

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