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What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a recent development in aesthetic medicine that targets muscles on various parts of the body. The device is powered by High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology that is delivered in varying patterns to provoke deep, strong muscle contractions.

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What Are The Benefits Of Emsculpt Treatments?

Emsculpt is an innovative treatment that is changing the way we address cosmetic concerns on the body. Patients appreciate that treatment is convenient, lasting only about 30 minutes. No downtime is needed to recover. No anesthesia is needed, and there are no incisions or surgical risks. The clinical studies that have been conducted on Emsculpt have confirmed a high safety rating for the device. With numerous treatments having been performed, we are also seeing consistency related to optimal treatment outcomes.

"I’ve been a client for a number of years. Dr Motakis is always kind and patient Does not rush you. He makes you feel at ease. Not pushy at all. Results are amazing!" - A.R.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Emsculpt?

Good candidates for noninvasive muscle-toning with Emsculpt are generally healthy and stable at ideal body weight. For results to last, patients should be committed to a healthy lifestyle.

This treatment is not intended for weight loss and is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or nursing. Adults with a history of seizures, hernia, heart problems, or who have a cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker may not be good candidates for Emsculpt.

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How Is An Emsculpt Procedure Performed?

The Emsculpt device delivers High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy through an applicator panel. This energy penetrates the skin and uppermost layers of tissue to reach deep muscles in the treatment area. When HIFEM comes into contact with the muscles, it stimulates supramaximal contractions. The muscle contractions stimulated during Emsculpt treatment are far beyond what one could achieve voluntarily during exercise. On average, squats and crunches only active about 50% of the targeted muscle group every few seconds. Emsculpt activates 100% of the targeted muscle group approximately 20,000 during a thirty-minute session.

In addition to toning targeted muscles, Emsculpt treatments also have a subtle effect on fatty tissue. This works by increasing the metabolic rate around the target area. When muscles are hyper-contracted, the fatty acids within nearby cells leak out to be burned.

What Areas Can Emsculpt Treat?

Emsculpt is currently used to sculpt and tone the buttocks and the abdominal muscles.

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How Is An Emsculpt Procedure Performed?

An Emsculpt procedure may be one of the most convenient body-contouring treatments around. Patients can remain clothed for their session; applicators may fit comfortably over thin clothing. After the device is strapped to the treatment area, the device is gradually adjusted. Intensity settings are usually set low and increased slowly. As tolerated, power can be increased to 80- and even 100%. This is not a process we rush. Hyper-stressing the muscle can cause damage just as it might during exercise.

As energy is delivered to the muscle, contractions may feel strange at first. Some describe them as super-intense vibrations deep within the muscle. This can feel slightly uncomfortable but gets easier with subsequent treatments. Periodically, the applicator switches into tapping motion to help disintegrate the lactic acid that is released. Treatment is completed in about half an hour.

"Simply amazing. The entire team is top notch, but Dr Motakis is incredible. Caring, kind, compassionate, he is everything a person could ask for. I’ll never go anywhere else." - G.M.

What Results Can Emsculpt Achieve?

In studies, Emsculpt treatment achieved impressive results, including benefits such as:

  • Targeted sculpting of select muscles with up to 16% increase in muscle mass.
  • Tightening and toning, with up to 19% reduction in abdominal subcutaneous fat.
  • Up to 92% increase in fat metabolism.
  • Noticeable buttocks lifting in 80% of patients.
  • Up to .44 cm reduction in the thickness of abdominal subcutaneous fat.
  • Up to 4.4 cm reduction in waist circumference
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What Is The Recovery For Emsculpt?

Patients may feel sore for a few days after Emsculpt treatments. This is because, although no active exercise was performed, the muscles in the treatment area underwent an intense workout. The soreness from treatment is noticeable but shouldn’t affect normal activities. Downtime is not needed anymore after Emsculpt than it would be after a strenuous workout.

What Are The Risks/ Side Effects Of Emsculpt?

Emsculpt uses proven technology that has been used in therapeutic settings for years. Just as the risk of a diagnostic MRI is virtually nonexistent, the risks of Emsculpt are also minimal. In clinical trials, this device performed outstandingly in both safety and efficacy.

"Everything about my experience here was amazing. From the front office staff to my time with Dr Motakis. He was so patient and thorough never ever rushed our appointments. I'm now 4 months post-op and healed wonderfully. This man is an artist. I will recommend him to anyone that will listen." - S.A.

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