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What you need to know about ear pinning

Men and women who have protruding ears that rest further away from the scalp than normal may find that they spend their lives trying to hide their ears. Other times, patients may experience childhood bullying because of their prominent ears. Fortunately, patients in the area of Toronto, Ontario have a solution that can help them […]

Ear Pinning | Toronto, ON

Ear pinning can build confidence and improve one’s appearance

Many patients have imperfections of their body that they would like to improve. Patients who have lived their life with prominent ears that stand out against their natural facial characteristics may have dealt with self-confidence issues over the years. With specialized surgical procedures such as ear pinning, men and women with prominent ears can improve […]

Understating the Ear Pinning Surgical Procedure

At the practice of Dr. Dimitrios Motakis, patients in the area of Toronto, ON who are considering aesthetic plastic surgery can make an appointment and learn about the many options available to them. For patients who have protruding ears, ear pinning may be recommended. What is ear pinning? Ear pinning is a cosmetic surgery for […]

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