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Chin augmentation is a procedure performed to improve the lower facial profile, which can often optimize a person’s appearance. Most patients commonly combine chin enhancement with rhinoplasty, as this helps balance facial proportions.

Dr. Motakis’s goal is to augment the chin in a fashion that would improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the face by creating a harmonious balance of all facial features. Chin enhancement can be performed surgically by placing an implant, or non-surgically with fillers. Occasionally, fat can be used to augment the chin, however, this procedure is slightly less predictable as some of the fat can resorb over a few months. The advantage of using fat is the fact that there is no scar. Fat grafting is usually a good option for chin augmentation as part of facial fat grafting for rejuvenation. During your consultation, Dr. Motakis will discuss your options to determine the best implant size and shape making sure it will suit your facial structure. With our surgeons’ expertise, chin augmentation surgery can create a more attractive profile, defining the jawline and bringing balance and harmony to the face while still appearing entirely natural.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation involves a small incision under the chin, often in a naturally occurring crease. This approach gives direct access to the mandible (lower jawbone) and is very straightforward. Some surgeons utilize an incision inside the mouth, however, Dr. Motakis feels that this unnecessarily exposes the implant to bacteria and may increase the risk of infection. In addition, the implant can not be secured in the desired position as well as when it placed through a small incision under the chin.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Chin Augmentation?

There is no specific chronological age when you should have a chin augmentation procedure past the age of eighteen. The best candidates are adults that are well balanced, in good general health, and possess realistic expectations. Individuals who have a weak, receding chin or are looking to enhance facial symmetry would be considered good candidates for chin augmentation. Chin enhancement can add definition to the jawline for male patients who desire a strong, contoured chin, or female patients who would like a more feminine, yet defined and balanced profile.

The Procedure

Chin implant surgery generally takes between 45 and 90 minutes and is done as an outpatient procedure at our Avenue Road fully accredited on-site surgical facility. Dr. Motakis places a solid silicone chin implant through a small incision made in the skin crease under the chin. The implant is placed on the surface of the bone and the “pocket” created for the chin implant is exactly the size of the implant, making it virtually impossible for it to move out of the desired position. The implant feels like natural tissue and results in a natural-looking facial enhancement. All incisions are placed in discreet locations and the advanced surgical techniques used by Dr. Motakis will produce imperceptible scars. Chin augmentation can often be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or may be performed while you are under a general anesthetic.

What To Expect During Recovery

You will receive instructions from Dr. Motakis concerning caring for your incisions while you recover from surgery. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks to recover from chin augmentation. Initially, you should expect a few days of swelling and minimal bruising with minimal discomfort which is treated with mild analgesics. You will likely be able to resume light activities a day or two after your surgery. You will likely need approximately 5-7 days off from work, and you will quickly be able to enjoy your new, enhanced chin, and more attractive facial profile.

Risks Of Chin Augmentation

Dr. Motakis makes every effort to execute the procedure in the most meticulous way, however, as with any surgery, reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, changes in sensation are among the risks of chin augmentation, although these are rare. The list of all possible risks will be discussed in detail during your consult and pre-operative appointment with Dr. Motakis and his team.

Are There Any Alternatives To Surgical Chin Augmentation?

For patients looking for a more modest enhancement or those interested in a more gradual modification, injectable fillers such as Belotero ©, Sculptra© or Radiesse© can often be used to increase the projection of the chin.

Chin augmentation using injectable fillers is also ideal for those not yet ready to make the commitment required for a permanent implant. By using injectable fillers, patients can explore the degree of projection they desire while resting assured that if they change their mind, the filler will fade away over a year or can be immediately reversed (in cases where a hyaluronic acid product such as Belotero © is used).

Can Chin Augmentation Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Many of Dr. Motakis’s patients combine their chin augmentation procedure with other cosmetic procedures offered at the clinic. These procedures frequently include rhinoplasty, a faceliftbuccal fat removal from the cheeks, as well as, liposuction of the neck.

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