VBeam Laser

What is VBeam Laser?

The VBeam Laser is a PDL: Pulsed Dye Laser. This allows the VBeam to be used to treat different skin pigmentations including blood vessels, port-wine stains, birthmarks and more. 

Candidates for VBeam

Patients with redness on their cheeks, chin, nose or other areas of the face can benefit from the VBeam treatment. VBeam is most commonly used to treat blood vessels, rosacea, birthmarks and port-wine stains. 

Vbeam Laser

Is VBeam Laser Painful?

This laser treatment can be done in our office without anesthesia. Patients describe the feeling as a snap on the skin which is minimized by directing cool air towards the treatment area.

How Does VBeam Laser Work?

As a pulsed dye laser, VBeam generates lasers of different colors to treat colored pigmentations of the skin. Multiple treatments are required to see the best results. Depending on the condition being treated, we may recommend a series of 3 to 5 treatments.

Are There Any Risks to VBeam Laser Treatment?

VBeam is a very safe laser with the most common side effect being bruising of the treated area. As this is a laser treatment, we will provide the proper eye protection to shield your eyes from the light. Other possible side effects include scarring or blistering, but these are uncommon.

Can VBeam be combined with other non-surgical treatments?

Dr. Motakis and his team offer a number of non-surgical treatments, most of which can be combined with the VBeam laser.

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