What you need to know about ear pinning

istock 1203218980 1 Men and women who have protruding ears that rest further away from the scalp than normal may find that they spend their lives trying to hide their ears. Other times, patients may experience childhood bullying because of their prominent ears. Fortunately, patients in the area of Toronto, Ontario have a solution that can help them feel more confident with their appearance. This is a surgery known as ear pinning or “otoplasty.”

What is ear pinning?

Ear pinning is a surgical procedure that is used to push down the ears that may jut out from the head in a highly noticeable manner. These patients often feel self-conscious about their appearance and are interested in learning about ways to move the ears closer to the scalp in a more natural look. This is when ear pinning surgery is often considered.

During this corrective cosmetic surgery, the doctor will be able to bring the ear closer to the head to eliminate how prominent they are. This reconstruction is a relatively straight-forward procedure and is done in a single out-patient procedure with proper anesthetics and sedation. The recovery period is relatively short, with most patients seeing their final results just a few weeks following the procedure.

What are the risks of otoplasty procedures?

Though the otoplasty surgery is a simple procedure, it can lead to certain complications and risks as any surgical treatment can. For example, patients may be at a risk of infection where incisions were made if the area does not heal properly or stay as clean as it should. Other concerns include internal bleeding, skin necrosis, and bruising. Some side effects will resolve on their own while others, such as infection, may require further reevaluation and the prescription of antibiotics to control and eliminate the infection as soon as possible.

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