What is the goal of submental liposuction?

istock 1145058911 Toronto, Ontario area men and women ready to say goodbye to their double chin and hello to improved definition of their lower face and profile are encouraged to take the time to learn about a procedure known as submental liposuction. Submental liposuction is the manual removal of fat cells from underneath the chin that often cause the formation of a “double chin.”

How is submental liposuction performed?

Dr. Dimitrios Motakis is a plastic surgeon who offers submental liposuction. Just like traditional liposuction used on the rest of the body, submental liposuction is achieved in the same way but focused on the fat cells present in the chin and neck area. By using a small cannula device, the fat cells from the area are manually removed by the doctor. This provides permanent results, as fat cells only grow but do not duplicate. Patients who have this procedure done will find that their chin and jaw area are much more defined and their facial contours are dramatically improved.

What can be achieved with submental liposuction?

The final results achieve with this procedure are often dramatic. Patients who may have had a weak chin will not have a refined look. Their jawline may be more noticeable and dramatically defined. Patients who have been dealing with submental fullness underneath the chin may have avoided having their photos taken for fear of looking heavier than they are. However, the fat cells are not directly related to weight gain. Some patients have submental fullness regardless of their body size, and some patients will have a weak chin due to genetics. By considering plastic surgery options, patients can find a solution to something that may be unchangeable with any other methods. The results from submental liposuction can be dramatic or subtle, depending on the desires of the patient.

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