Forma® and Forma Plus® for nonsurgical skin tightening

male model with athletic body wearing comfortable black cotton underpants standing As we age, our skin naturally loses its elasticity and firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles can appear, and skin can begin to sag. The good news is that there are nonsurgical options available to help tighten and tone your skin, eliminating the need for invasive procedures. Dr. Dimitrios Motakis and his team in Toronto, ON provide options for patients to choose from. Forma® and Forma Plus® are two such options.

What is Forma/Forma Plus®?

Both use radiofrequency energy for heating the deep layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production. This results in tighter, firmer skin with reduced wrinkles and sagging. The controlled heat helps to contract the skin while promoting skin rejuvenation, achieving smoother skin in specific areas. Forma® and Forma Plus® are different, as Forma® is best used on the face, chin, and neck, while Forma Plus® is designed for larger areas of the body. They have both been cleared by the FDA as safe and effective for nonsurgical skin tightening results.

Will Forma/Forma Plus® work for me?

To determine if you are a proper candidate for Forma® and Forma Plus® treatments, we start with a consultation appointment with Dr. Dimitrios Motakis and his team. He can evaluate you to decide if you are a good candidate based on your current situation and your skin goals. It is vital that our patients have realistic expectations of what can be achieved using these technologically-advanced solutions. In some cases, patients may still receive a recommendation of liposuction or skin tightening surgeries to achieve their goals if the skin laxity is too severe to be effectively treated with Forma® or Forma Plus® alone. Patients who are good candidate for the treatment often have mild to moderate skin laxity that may not yet be ready for more invasive alternatives.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dimitrios Motakis

If you are looking for ways to achieve tighter, younger-looking skin without surgery, Forma® or Forma Plus® may be right for you. Contact our team today to request a consultation by calling 416-925-5775. We’ll help you determine which treatment is best suited to your needs and goals and provide nonsurgical alternatives whenever possible!


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