What Is Buccal Fat Reduction?

Men and women of Toronto, ON who are interested in improving the contours of the face by eliminating fat found in the cheek hollows will want to ask Dr. Dimitrios Motakis about the benefits of buccal fat removal. This treatment, buccal fat removal, is used to thin the cheek area and give patients a more contoured look for patients who have a more voluminous or “chubby” facial area.

The natural pad of fat cells that are present in the face is called the buccal fat pad. The size of this fat pad varies from patient to patient. With treatment, men and women can reduce the size of the fat pad with buccal fat removal.

Who is a candidate for buccal fat reduction?

Patients who have a thin face are not good candidates for buccal fat reduction, as the procedure can make the face look gaunt and unhealthy. Instead, the best candidates for this treatment are individuals who are worried about the natural appearance of chubby or “full” cheeks. Our team will evaluate an adult patient to decide if they are a good fit. This is done for individuals who are having the procedure performed for themselves, and not for anyone else. Patients should be nonsmokers, healthy, and have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with this treatment.

How much does buccal fat reduction cost?

Treatments such as this vary in overall cost due to the many different factors involved in pricing the procedure. Not everyone is having the same amount of buccal fat removed. Additionally, there may be different costs based on other factors, including the surgeon fees, hospital or surgical facility costs, costs of x-rays and medical tests prior to treatment, and fees and costs for anesthetics and prescription medications. To get an appropriate quote for the overall cost of buccal fat reduction, patients should book a consultation appointment with their doctor.

Seeking a more contoured facial area?

Buccal fat reduction may be right for you! Call the front office staff of Dr. Dimitrios Motakis to learn more about this and other plastic surgery solutions for the face and body. The practice can be reached by calling (416) 925-5775 and is located at 199 Avenue Road in Toronto, ON.


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