Using Botox injections to delay the need for plastic surgery

istock 1134068203 While plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts are a great way to address wrinkles and folds on the face, they are not always the best option for everyone. Patients in their 30’s and 40’s who are showing the initial signs of aging may want to ask their plastic surgeon not about a facelift, but about injectables! Cosmetic injectables have been used for years to reverse the signs of aging without surgery, and continue to be popular amongst our patients. Dr. Dimitrios Motakis of Toronto, ON is here to help patients learn more about the best injectable for dynamic wrinkles: Botox. 

Understanding how Botox works 

Most patients have heard of Botox. It has been used for decades in fighting the signs of aging, but even before that, it has been used to treat a myriad of other conditions in the medical field including chronic migraines, cervical dystonia, excessive sweating, and even overactive bladder. For the face, Botox can address dynamic wrinkles that have formed due to muscle contractions. This is because Botox works by reducing the muscle’s ability to tighten. This causes a smoothing appearance on the skin, erasing: 

  • Forehead folds
  • Glabellar lines
  • Crow’s feet 

The upper third of the face has a lot of muscle movement, making it the best area to use Botox injections. 

Who is a candidate for Botox? 

Botox can be used on many adult men and women who have mild to moderate signs of aging. During a consultation appointment, our doctor will assess a patient to determine if they are a good fit for this or other cosmetic injectables available at the office. 

When do I need a facelift? 

Patients considering a more permanent option for antiaging may still be better suited for plastic surgery, as Botox results only remain for a few months. Reinjection is needed to maintain the results and slow the signs of aging, while plastic surgery offers improvement without continued visits. 

Request an appointment with Dr. Dimitrios Motakis 

Learning about nonsurgical solutions for aging skin is a great way to connect with our team in Toronto, ON. Call the office at (416) 925-5775 to request a consultation appointment at 199 Avenue Road. Our facility is open to new patients ready to turn back time!


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