How Sculptra works in reducing volume loss

shutterstock 1316380772 The natural process of aging can bring about a wide range of undesirable changes. This includes volume loss and skin laxity in the face, which in turn contributes to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Dimitrios Motakis of Toronto, ON is a dedicated professional ready to help patients in achieving a more youthful appearance, even when these imperfections arrive. If you are located in or around the community and want a nonsurgical approach to treatment, we welcome you to speak to our team about a specialized injection known as Sculptra. 

Understanding what Sculptra is and how it works 

Dr. Dimitrios Motakis and his team describe Sculptra as a volume loss injectable. Unlike dermal fillers, which are formulated with hyaluronic acid and directly fill fine lines and wrinkles, Sculptra works as both a filler and a collagen stimulator. It is an FDA-approved filler that provides immediate AND long-lasting effects, thanks to the collagen remodeling that occurs after it has been injected. Hollow areas or areas that have experienced volume loss are best treated with this injectable which is made with poly-L lactic acid. 

What can I expect from Sculptra injections? 

Injections are done quickly and easily in our office as an outpatient treatment. It does not require incisions, but instead injections are made in the treatment area. These injections provide immediate results and the area continues to improve with time as the body creates more collagen and elastin. The results can last several years, and maintenance is easy with regular injections over time. Patients should start with a series of three to four injections spaced weeks apart, and then maintenance injections as needed. 

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra? 

Many of the patients who ask about Sculptra are individuals who are interested in working with a professional that provides minimally-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery procedures. Most of our patients are in their 40’s or older and are looking to reduce volume loss that contributes to an aged appearance. 

Schedule a visit with Dr. Dimitrios Motakis and his team 

Toronto, ON patients ready to learn more about Sculptra injections are welcome to book an appointment with our team at 199 Avenue Road. The office can be reached at (416) 925-5775 to request a consultation.      


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